How To Love Your Home

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Appreciate your home

As humans, it is in our nature to want more things, a bigger house, and a nicer car. This cycle never ends and some people even get into financial troubles to try to maintain this lifestyle we have got used to. But this is putting a big strain on our health and well-being. When we stop and appreciate the things we have and stop wanting the things we don’t, it is only then we start to be healthier and stop the struggle of always wanting more. Instead, we can focus the time, energy and money into more important things that bring more into our lives.

A good exercise to start doing is to pretend you’re moving and pick a space in your room to let it breathe and see it empty for awhile. Pack up that space and put it in a box somewhere else in the home. As you are unpacking it a little while later and really examine the items you are putting back. If you want your space to look more empty since it felt good to see it like that, get rid of the items you haven’t used in a while. The extra empty space will make you feel so much better in your home and you will appreciate the room much better.


Tips to love your home even more

A great thing to do is to add more depth to a room and you can achieve this through having a touch of life in your space such as plants. Everything looks better with that dash of color plants or flowers add. They add a breathe of life into a room but they also transform the past into the present. Having them around will make you feel better as you walk passed them.

We still tend to make some impulsive purchases of things we fell in love with at first sight. But when we get home, we may struggle to find a place to place them. A good suggestion is to have a shelf or closet in your house dedicated for those items and display them on rotation.


Brad Roemer Adapts To The Lavender Take-Over

The year of Millennial Pink splashed everything has finally come to an end through its tag-tell replacement color: soothing lavender. It pretty explanatory that lavender is the color of the season, seeing as anxiety rates have increased ten-fold over the last decade. With a surplus in demand of anxiety and depression medication and psychological bills going through the roof, lavender-scented essential oils and the color in itself can bring a calm effect on those suffering from burn out. The design world has seen a great number of additions to the home space, swapping the prior Pepto color for a serene color.


A Bold Paint Choice

Brad Roemer’s favorite swap are in the larger furniture and décor items, such as lavender walls with square crown moulding fixtures in the glamorous office space. While this last example provides a bold move of inspiration, it’s the ultimate choice for a fashionista that wants her own book and writing nook where no one can disturb or distract her from getting her work done.


Not All Sofas Are Expensive

The team at Brad Roemer realtor is always on the lookout for cheap alternatives to the $1,000+ sofa that most new homebuyers wish to avoid. Certain companies, such as Urban Outfitters, offer sofas that although not L-shaped are long enough to accommodate even four people. To top it all off, the hint of metallic on the subdued lavender allow for a trendy addition to a conventional white-walled apartment complex. This way, any feminine artwork or staple décor items such as a bowl or a hanging painting will be accentuated by the couch.


Hitting it Hard with Larger Furniture Items

For the die-hard fan of new color palettes, opting for other larger furniture items in this pretty lilac such as a upholstered arm chair or the entire outdoor patio set can bring a fresh, new outlook on your minimalist black and white array of furniture items. If you fear making such a large investment on a “trendy” color that may soon enough be considered a fad the same way Millennial Pink is now a thing of the past, then perhaps choosing minimal décor accents such as a square vase from Pier 1 or a light purple throw at the edge of your crisp white bed. Shower curtains in the color or a plush ottoman instead of your coffee table may be more your cup of tea.


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