How to find perfect lender in Singapore

In general, life offers few opportunities for a second chance, unless it is a question of getting a second chance at the car loan or may be house loan or business loan. That said, banks are not at the front of this line of those who offer consumers who have a credit report more or less flawless, so who can you call? The good licensed moneylender Singapore is the most preferable option for you.

The two most common resources are financial institutions and car dealerships. Although they do not all offer 2nd chance to auto credit, most offer this service to their customers who, for different reasons, are not able to present a perfect record. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips to help you find the perfect lender.

What are the Interest Rates?

In an ideal world, a second chance to auto credit (or anything) would be presented to you on a silver platter and without conditions. However, since this loan is also a risk to the lender, interest rates and transaction fees are often higher than normal. Some lenders offer loans with interest rates up to six times the legal limit, or 60%. This can be dangerous for consumers who are already struggling financially and they may be sinking deeper into debt. Do not hesitate to ask the following questions: what is your interest rate? Is it a fixed or variable rate? Arm yourself with information and make the right choice based on your current financial situation. Remember, finding a lender who provides low interest mortgage loan in Singapore is not an impossible deal. You just need to search carefully and obviously thorough the trusted sources. Before opting for any eye catching offer don’t forget to check the terms and conditions.

Is it a Qualified and Reputable Lender?

In order to be qualified as lenders in Singapore, they must obtain a valid license issued by the Office of Consumer Protection. This license confirms that the money lender has the skills and solvency to offer the second chance to auto credit. However, it is not a perfect system. In the absence of volume, the OPC and other similar government institutions must often rely on the information provided by the applicant and have few opportunities to verify all data. When it comes to using a lender, make sure to do business with a qualified institution.

Do not be trapped and be diligent with your research regarding a 2nd chance auto loan lender. Make sure you find the lender with the most advantageous interest rates that you will be able to pay without emptying your bank account as well as a loan that can show you full compliance with the law.


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