How Your Body Language Can Make Or Break Your Career

Kevin Sheehan is a successful person in the job titles he has held.  He has a lot of things to be grateful for in his career. One of the most important attributes is your confidence and body language. When you seem nervous or a little off, people will see right through it and you will not seem trustworthy. There are small cues in the things we do of which we might not even realize but others will pick up on.


How body language affects your career

When speaking about women in the workplace, it is important to note that overcoming a lack of confidence is one of the key challenges faced by them. As compared to men who report higher levels of self-esteem, it is interesting to see the nuances. Keep in mind there are certain things you can be doing to manage your body language at work to overcome a lack of confidence. Women have an added element they need to do in the workplace, which is to prove their abilities. Increasing people’s perception of their capability is one thing they need to be doing alongside their work. When someone has more power, they tend to take up more physical space in the way you stand and sit. These changes in your posture will make you feel more confident and see the world filled with opportunities instead of challenge. In other words, if someone is seen as more confident, they are perceived as being more competent.


How you can improve your posture

A great way of starting this out is mindfully standing in front of a mirror and doing postures that take up a lot of space and saying to yourself that you are strong and confident. There is no question that there is a gender difference to this since men generally take up more physical space than women. They tend to expand more and take bigger steps. Believe it or not, men actually speak more than women by speaking more slowly. So in just every way you can think of, men take up more space than women.

If you would like to improve it, exercise is a great way to do this. Practicing yoga is a great way to feel more confident in your own skin and improve your posture and how see and think about yourself in general.

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