Taragh Bracken’s Attempt To Understanding The Strict Rules Of The British Rule

From an American to a Canadian, the laws differ drastically between civil and criminal suits. Ask any lawyer—from Taragh Bracken who specializes in all realms of family law as a partnership at her own firm, to an Ontario criminal defence lawyer who deals with clients that have taken the wrong life path. While an attorney must have studied the law in detail in the place in which they hope to practice, it is interesting to then hear about the quirky laws that make up the British Rule.


A New Title For Meghan Markle

With Meghan Markle becoming the wife—and has now become the Duchess of Sussex along Prince Harry, the new Duke of Sussex. The couple and Kate Middleton and Prince William make up the Royal Foundation, as can be found on Twitter, which is meant to concentrate on fighting for environmental causes in the Armed Forces—with a predominance placed on the youth.


New Tradition And Rules To Follow

As a newly appointed member of the Royal Family, Markle must abide with some strange and uncanny rules that she otherwise would have never imagined as a once American citizen who has also lived in the land of the free—Canada. One strict rule is that from the second Queen Elizabeth takes her last bite, the entire dining party must cease from eating. Also, if the Queen is to stand, so is the rest of the people in her presence. No matter who you may be—a cousin, a child—women must curtsey to the Queen while men perform a royal neck bow as a greeting to her Royal Highness.


This one may be a hard one for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as these two love birds just got hitched and have those gleaming love eyes that make the whole world turn round and round. It is highly forbidden for any member of the Royal Family—especially when on special travelling exhibitions—to demonstrate public displays of affection to one another. For those die-hard board game fans out there like Taragh Bracken (for when she’s not fighting against child custody suits), this one may come as a shocker! The Royal Family is not allowed, under any circumstance, to play Monopoly for fear that it creates family tensions. Understandably, another rule is that two heirs must fly on separate flights from one another in case of a freak accident that causes in both their deaths.


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